Patricia de Femme

Patricia is likened to that of a cougar, and is swathed in tacky clothing, cat eye glasses shimmering in rhinestones, hair spray, and cheetah print. She runs the picture store on Oakley Main Street. She is a Fairest Muse.


Patricia de Femme chains smokes cigarettes, from a long stem that is rarely out of her mouth. She has bright red talon-like nails, and has a voice that drips in venomous honey. She is the type of store keeper that only shows up when you are about to touch something- and even when you do inquire after a price, she insists that that particular portrait is not for sale. Her shop is a series of rooms that run into each other, and create a kind of maze. Perhaps it is so confusing because of the way that the pictures move rooms nearly every day, and create a kind of vertigo feeling when looked upon. She is a member of the Winter Court.


Patricia de Femme

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