• Aden


    Painfully thin and draped with heavy leather metalworking apron, gloves and goggles. Exposed skin is coal black with cracks revealing the seething fires within that glow and flare as he breathes.
  • John the Fisherman

    John the Fisherman

    A huge specimen of man reaching over seven feet tall. He is a mixture between fish, frog and man lurching along in a sweeping almost hop like gait. Dressed in overalls and a rain slicker with hip waiter boots.
  • Red


  • Vincent Swift

    Vincent Swift

    Dragons Don't Share.
  • Charlie


    Charlie is the clerk of the small grocery, and all things he wears are covered in sweat stains. He is slightly covered in fur, and when he props his legs upon the counter you can see his feet end in long paws, with a tail that turns the pages of his roman
  • Dean


    Dean is dashing, in his own way, sporting an old business suit- complete with tie, vest, and fedora hat. A flower is always in his lapel, and he is often found behind a cloud of smoking. He is the one who is left standing at parties, when all others have
  • Granny Em

    Granny Em

    Granny Em is an older woman, rounded and stout, and smells like dinner. She is always underneath a starched apron, and is made from food stuffs. She is nearly always cooking, and is a Manikin Elemental.
  • Hob


    Old and graying, and appears to be blind. He is sturdy looking, with walking stick and and net slung from his belt loop. As a Cyclopean Ogre, he seems deformed, in the way those who live too long are warped slightly by time.
  • Jennifer


    Jennifer shimmers in the with her gold dust exterior, and is often wearing overalls, and a coal miner's helmet. She carries a pyke, and can be found in Black Diamond Mines. She is an Metalflesh Elemental.
  • Madge


    Madge is in her early teens. She is sovered in handmade bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry. She is rarely seen without her beatnik pink sunglasses, or flowers in her hair. She is a Wizened Oracle, and somehow always seems to be fading away.
  • Patricia de Femme

    Patricia de Femme

    Patricia is likened to that of a cougar, and is swathed in tacky clothing, cat eye glasses shimmering in rhinestones, hair spray, and cheetah print. She runs the picture store on Oakley Main Street. She is a Fairest Muse.